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Monday, August 2, 2010


Good Morning,
Today is another day to celebrate! We will be celebrating all week at Practical Scrappers, it is our one year anniversary!!!! I'm so delighted to say that I've been a part of this team since the very beginning! Love ya Christine and Ang!!
Our challenge will change each day this week. Today we are featuring projects showcasing our number one favorite product.

This is my darling honeybee when he was in third grade....
I'm featuring my favorite supply item, ink! If you follow me, you know I ink everything.....
Today is also the second day of our big August Blog Party at Lucky Girls!!!! Everything on this page, except the cardstock and ink is from the Old School kit. Don't you LOVE it?

To help spread the word about Lucky Girl Craft kits, Jessica is offering 25% off two kits or, for her subscribers, you'll receive two free bonus kits - one valued at $15 with the shipment of the August kit, and one valued at $25 at the end of your annual commitment!
Use code BUY2SAVE25 at checkout for the two kit promo
Subscribers, just include a note with your order telling me you want to take advantage of the BONUS KIT!

You know we can't party without prizes!!!! Click here to enter the main Lucky Girl Prize drawing. To enter my Blog Party Prize, please follow my blog only if you are inspired by my work, leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite "Old School Memory". My winner will be drawn on August 4.
Now you are headed to visit all of Jessica's scrappy yumminess! Be sure to give her lots of love!!!



  1. Hi Kim..I am so inispired by your much that after I found your blog. you led me to other sites and now I am on the DT over at Practical Scrappers....I love you work and I am a fellow INKER!!! too.....when in dout...put INK on it....
    My memory of school was walking to school with my brother and sister and on the way home we would stop at this little store and get an ice pop.Not to many little stores like that any more..I am glad I live in a small town with a courtry store the kids caan stop at.

  2. Great layout!
    I think I entered this yesterday, but I'll tell you another favorite school memory anyway!
    We used to walk to school and somehow we got some cookie dough (the kind in the tube that you buy from the store) and eat it along the way! That had to be so bad for us, but we had a lot of fun!

  3. My old school memory is definately graduation day! Great memories and a start to a new journey in life! :)

  4. OH MY! I looooooove this LO! I am totally bookmarking it! LOVE IT:)

    I told you about my fav memory yesterday--being a "twin", I remember being in marching band (with my brother). We went to state our first year and had a blast! That is what started our challenge to see who could play the most instruments. He won--he is a band director (but I won the heaviest instrument--the harp!). LOVE IT:) Thanks :)

  5. I love you "inking" works. Love all the details and buttons.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and I look forward to working with you at PS. :D
    Have a great day :)

  6. What a cutie!! Love the colors you used for the layout. Definitely reminds me of the 70s :))

  7. Just fabulous!! Loving all that ink Kim! Happy Anniversary to you as well - a full year - job well done!!!

    Deanne :)

  8. Love the buttons on your cute layout. My favorite old school memory was my favorite teacher reading to us every day. I love when Mrs. Taylor read "Charlotte's Web". She turned me into a lover of reading. :)

  9. Love the soft colors and yummy papers in this months kit. Congratulations girl on year with Practical Scrapper. I have really enjoyed all their hard work and inspiration.
    I want to have a another chance in the drawing, told you one yesterday so here is a new one.
    When I was around 7 I found a box of abandoned dogs and cats. It was in a field by the park I was playing in. I remember going door to door to find homes for all of them, much to the relief of my mother. Who could resist a 7 year with cute pets?

  10. Hmmmm....thinking....okay, got one.

    In middle school we had a substitute teacher for our social studies class. Apparently the real teacher did not leave any class notes because the sub brought his horn (yes, like a brass instrument) and we played "name that tune" for an hour. It was the most random class I ever had.

  11. Thanks for joining the Lollipop Crafts first challenge! Love the LO! : )

  12. What a fun layout Kim. I love the design of it.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Kim! I just love it! I have been BEGGING Jerry's mom for his pictures.

    I have lots of memories, but I think my favorite revolve around my high school english teacher. She fostered my love for writing, and she taught me an amazing amount of "life" things. I still communicate with her today!

  15. This is wonderful! Thanks for playing along with our first Lollipop Crafts challenge!

  16. Lovely page, nice job!
    Thank you for joining our Lollipop Crafts debut challenge! We have another challenge starting on Monday and hope you'll play again! Cheers, Barbara


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