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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Humble Pie and My Sweet Honeybee!

Good Morning,
Can anyone guess what is out in my yard......again? Argh...I do believe I am going to begin surrounding myself with color, color, and more color. Maybe, it will brighten this blah streak of snow!

This first card I'm sharing is the Valentine card that my adorable Honeybee made while I was at the dance comp this weekend. He went into my scrap space and create all on his own.

He even used a rub-on as the sentiment on the inside. He is so sweet!

Next up is a card I created with a line that Phebe carries at The Town Scrapper. This is Emma from Sugarplum stamps. She is enjoying a nice hot cup of cocoa on this snowy day! If you love her, be sure to visit The Town Scrapper, Phebe is carrying a wide variety of stamps, embellies, and don't forget, you can get your Spellbinders there too!
cardstock, ink, dps, stamp-CTMH
baubles-The Robin's Nest
punch-Martha Stewart



  1. Oh Bless Him - what a sweetie!! All I got was a couple of hours peace while hubby took littlest swimming. . . (sniff)
    What happened to all the romance. . .?
    Teri xx

  2. Oh how sweet that he created you a card!!!! Bless his heart!!

    Keep the colors coming...I too could enjoy some other color than white :-)

    Have a great day!!!

  3. Oh that honey bee is a keeper for sure, wow he did a great job on that card.
    I like the paper you used with this cutie Emma image...

  4. What a sweety hubby you have!! Very impressive!!
    And your card is sweet too :-)

  5. How wonderful! YAY for sweetness!

    Nope my snow is still here and got another dusting last night! UGH!

  6. Now that is just fabulous, you must have had the biggest smile on your face when your husband presented you with his card. I love the card you made too, the inked edges really make the paper stand out.

  7. Ohhh that is just the sweetest! He so wins hubby-points for this one! :)

  8. Omgosh! That was so sweet of him!!! I love it, it came out great! He should be proud! lol.

  9. Wow Kim ...He did great!
    I can just image if mine even gave it a try what it would look
    Are you ready to take a trip with me to Florida....( NO SNOW )
    We had about 4 more inches last night and today...I am so tired of shoveling!
    Hugs Wanda:-)

  10. Oh how sweet Kim that hubby went through your craft supplies and created something special for you. He did a great job too! I also love your Emma card and the layout is fab. Hugs, Maria

  11. Aww how sweet! My hubbly wubbly made me a card too!! I love it! My most prized possession even! Your card is very cute!!

    I was so excited for snow but like you I'm just over it. I miss sunny days. :(

    I took your advice and entered the star layout at frosted designs! I really need to get more involved with the online world! Thanks girlie!


  12. Awe! What a sweet husband! He is DEFINITELY a keeper :)

  13. Wow how sweet of your hubby to create a card for you, really don't think mine would know where to start. He did such a wonderful job, he will have his own blog soon.

    Love your card, such a cute image and the colours are beautiful.

    Kaye x

  14. Can he call my hubby. I was lucky to get a Happy Valentines out of mine. But wait he is taking me on a trip this week. Does that count?? But yours was from his Heart!!!!

  15. Oh how sweet that your hubby made you a card!

  16. Good morning Kim! Your honey did an AWESOME job with that, how sweet : )

    Both are gorgeous Kim...Love that precious image and that border!!

  17. How absolutely sweet of your honey bee to make you that card-- extra points for him!! Love your little card too that image is too cute! Hope all is well-- I see you've been quiet the past couple days :)!!


  18. Wow.. really!?! Your husband made the card?! It is amazingly cute! How thoughtful of him! I got some roses and chocolate but my dear hubby would never venture into papercrafting! He already thinks I'm crazy! :)

    And your card is simply adorable! Love the image and the sweetness of it!!


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