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Saturday, May 1, 2010

First at bat....

Good Morning,
My little man played his first Minor League baseball game last night....the score, I have no idea, I was having way too much fun shooting the pics.

He was fist at bat, oh was this little man sitting pretty in his element!

He hit a two base hit on this one!

Oops, I loaded the wrong photo...he got a strike on this one. His best at bat was a two base hit. I'm so proud of you Jon-Christopher! I love you like the dolphins love the sea!!!!
I'm working a Kids Day Fest this morning and while watching the Kentucky Derby, I'll be visiting you guys. Which beauty have you chosen as the Derby Fave? I think I'm going with Make Music 4 Me.


  1. Oh look at that adorable smile. You can see the pleasure on his face.Precious!
    I can't wait to see the derby, but I love to watch to see all those beautiful hats!!!

  2. he is so courageous!!

    Happy scrapbooking Day, Kim!!

  3. Oh I just adore these PICS...I am smiling all over myself!!!

    Have a great weekend!! Happy NSD!!!

  4. Wonderful pictures Kim. Do I see a baseball layout in the near future?

  5. Oh what good times I am sure you had and he looks so pleased! Beth

  6. Oh how fun Kim! Great photos! Who cares if he struck out - as long as he had fun! :)

  7. Oh My Word... those pictures are adorable!! Especially the close up!! Looks like it was a great day at the ballpark!!
    Barb :)


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