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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello and some family fun....

Good Morning,
Today I'm sharing a card that was made from just scraps of my September Lucky Girl kit. Isn't this so lovely?

These papers are so very fun and have just a hint of fall in them. Head on over to Lucky Girl to order yours today!!!!!

Thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers for my Jon-Christopher. It appears he was hit hard with a nasty stomach virus. The ER doc. did say his white cell count was over 22, 000. He kept a 100.1 temp. for most of Sunday, slept most of the day too. When he awoke, he was back to himself, ready to fun outside and enjoy the evening. Here are just a few fun photos of our Sunday evening together.....

Look at Jon-Christopher driving the golf cart. Check out that "so serious" expression on his face. Trust me, he is 6 and can drive it anywhere around the yard he wants to.
Hunter takes his turn driving the golf cart around....I'm going to star calling my sister "Miss Daisy". She will let them drive her all around, she is just as patient as can be....Now remember my two little nephews are just 6!
When we are all together at the lake, we love to spend the early evening hours playing corn hole. Notice we have two adult games going and look at Ashlea's little board. My bil made a kids size set for her and Jon-Christopher. Notice the beautiful glow of the sunset behind my family as it is cast over the lake.
In another game, my mom and I were playing Ashlea and my sister....sad to say that a 1o year old beat me! I still don't have the hang of this game. Basketball is so much easier!

Another family fave of ours is the big bonfire....

Ashlea loves roasting marshmallows!! What a face! Now here is a scrapping moment!!!
What happens to a little 6 year old boy who spends half the night in an ER? He sleeps all day, fighting a fever, and when it finally breaks....he finds his cousin and plays xbox! Hunter is the one in blue and Jon-Christopher is in the white.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Very pretty, great mix of colors!

  2. I love the card! It's such a pretty choice of color! I am glad you shared pictures - it looks like you all had fun! I am so glad little Jon-Christopher is better!!

  3. Fabulous card! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  4. Praise God for family .. and for happy endings!

  5. Pretty card Kim! Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing all the photos :)

  6. I love you sharing the photos of you family! The love just pours out from each of them. My kids are spread all over the states and I am an only child so I have to live vicariously through you!


  7. Bonfires are so much fun. Love all of your family pictures:) Love your card too.


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