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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dawn's Pay It Forward...

Happy Thursday,
I came home yesterday to a most delicious package awaiting me! My dear friend, Dawn, had sent out a Pay If Forward post last month. Being a HUGE fan of everything Dawn creates, I jumped at the chance to receive some of her beautiful goodies. Wow, did I ever get some goodies! It was like Christmas, gifts just kept coming! Here are the yummy creations she sent. This was the card she included for me. It contained the sweetest little note on the inside!

First, I saw this gorgeous pumpkin purse in these fabby fall colors! This is the front side.

And this is the back side, how gorgeous is that!!!!!!
This is the Halloween card she included that matched he purse, I love the masked kitty.

This is what I saw when I opened the purse! Can you agree with me, this is just like Christmas!!!!

Take a peek at this stunning Christmas card she made.

Oh, and this little cranberry goodie box that included some lotions. Isn't this beautiful?

Check out this fabby embossing on the box. I love it Dawn!

This is a little (2) bags of dry snacks with the most adorable topper on it ever!

Thank you so very much Dawn! You are such a special friend! I am so very Blessed to know you!
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  1. Oh you lucky duck!!! Dawn is great isn't she?

  2. Well how about that??!! It's so wonderful to get surprise lil goodies, isn't it?? You ROCK Dawn for sending my friend Kim such amazing generous!

  3. WOW ... I'd say you hit the "Jackpot" my friend! How sweet and some really awesome items here!! Good for you!! Enjoy!!

  4. You are certainly very lucky....I would love to receive such a goodie package!!!!! Have a great day sweet friend and ENJOY!!!

  5. Wow - what a great collection of fabulousness =) Enjoy, Kim!!

  6. Oh I am so glad you liked your little surprise box.I was so concerned it would all be crushed and broken apart. so happy to send to such a sweatheart!

  7. WoW Kim! Thanks for sharing your treats with us!! You are one lucky ducky!!! :)

  8. WOW Kim, you are one lucky girl. What a nice surprise in the mail. Everything is gorgeous.


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