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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Double Champ and a Precious Cause....

Please read about Destiny's Hope...
It is time for Winterfest in dance and cheer competition. My Ashlea's Jr. Prep squad took first place in both their jazz and pom divisions yesterday. The Winterfest was held in the Lexington Center, just below Rupp arena. The Wildcats and the Indiana Hoosiers were playing at the exact time we danced.
I'm just sharing a few snapshots this morning before be begin our trek back home. There is a huge winter storm brewing and hopefully we make it before the brunt of it hits.

This is Gran and Ashlea just after awards. My Gran looks so wonderful and she feels it too!

Where has the last ten years gone? I can't believe she has grown so quickly, but ohhhhh how proud I am of the beautiful young lady she is becoming! Notice her purple medals around her neck in this one! Yay...

Ashlea is the center girl up front in this one. This is the jazz dance. If you will notice, she and the other dancers are wearing those pink band bracelets. If you have been following me since the summer, you will remember that Ashlea's dance partner, Destiny Brewer, was killed by a drunk driver. Destiny's family, friends, and the team have formed Destiny's Hope. We are lobbying for a new law (much more stiff) on those who choose to drink and drive. The man who took little Destiny's life had been arrested more than three times on DUI and was driving with a suspended license. For more information on how you can help, please visit Destiny's Hope.

Check out little miss sass!!! This dance is very sassy and just perfect for her! :)

This is our pom routine, she is the second over from the left int he back.

Now, I know you can't see her face in this one, she is the girl doing the toe touch in the back. Check out her straight legs!!!!

This looks like a future Wildcat cheerleader......
I hope you all have a great Sunday!


  1. What great pics! she is beautiful!

  2. Oh how beautiful she is in all the photos and how proud I know you are of her.
    Your Gram looks wonderful- so glad she feels so also.
    Safe travels my friend!

  3. Gorgeous and talented young woman! Great pics!

  4. She is so beautiful & the routines look great. Congrats to them on taking 1st place!!! Your gran looks beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous little lady. Congrats on their win. My Danielle danced for many years, so I know the thrill of competition. Take care for the weather.

  6. Kim... these photos are great! Look at how wonderful your grandmother looks! and Ashlea looks like she is having so much fun!!
    Barb :)

  7. Fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  8. WOW, Kim, how proud all of you must be of this very talented and beautiful young lady!!! The photos are fantastic and I am so happy to see that your grandmother was there as well!! Big congratulations to Ashlea and the team!!! BE CAREFUL!!! HUGS!!!


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