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Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Creative Post Yet....

The darling Honeybee and I are traveling back home today. It's kind of hard for me to leave. I'm officially "back to school" on Thursday. All teachers and staff return two days prior to students. We had gorgeous sun all day yesterday. We were able to get the boat on the lake and enjoy the entire day! We're doing some shopping on the way, so I may not have a creative post until tomorrow.
Oh, don't forget the big reveal tomorrow at Practical Scrappers! We're all excited and hope you join us weekly for some great challenges.


  1. Woah! Where do you live that school starts so early in August??? We moved down here to NC and I thought NC was starting early August 24th! In NH, where we are from, school starts the Tuesday after Labor day, in September.

    Great picture, by the way, you look refreshed!

  2. You look like you are having a blast! I cannot believe school is drawing near where did my summer gone never mind please somebody take my kids! YippiE!!!


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