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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aw, Thaks Sandi

Good Morning,
I don't have anything scrappy to share this morning. I've been working but it can't be revealed yet. I spent all evening redoing my blog. Whew!!!
My awesome friend, and fellow Practical Scrapper sister, Sandi, has passed this Sweet Friends award on to me. Sandi you are a constant source of inspiration for me! I love your style and your friendship! Right back at you and big hugs.

The rules for this one are to pass on to tree friends who blow you away with their creativity and then name ten things that knock my socks off. Oh how difficult to just choose three! I'm truly inspired by every bog I read! So here are the three for this award Brenda, Mona, and Laurel.

Now on to the 10 things that knock my socks off:

1. God and His glory. He provides for me in all ways and he is my source of strength and inspiration.

2. My family. I'm so lucky to have my 83 year old Granny, my Honeybee, and all my nieces and nephews. My family is my life! I love you all!

3. My friends, I have a mass amount off friends in my circle. Those I see and those of you in blog land. Each of you are so very special to me and I cherish our friendships!

4. Coffee, I love my coffee and latte's! I'm having some french vanilla as we speak.

5. My favorite thing in the world to watch my Ashlea dance! Baby girl you have a talent that God has blessed you with, "Dance like no one is watching!"

6. I love how excited Jon-Christopher gets when he is spending time any of us fishing, playing games, or watching movies.

7. The excitement of my kids learning new things, and being able to teach them in a fun way!

8. I love the freedom that I have and remember where it comes from everyday, thank you soldiers!

9. I'm so happy staying at home in my pj's and blogging.

10. Tybee Island and Savannah Georgia are my all time favorite places to visit to just unwind and breathe.



  1. Oh one deserves this happy award more than you. You are such an encouragement to everyone you touch...a wonderfully, sweet, gentle spirit. I so enjoy reading everyone's 10 nice to get to know each other a bit better...big hugs....sandy

  2. Congrats on your much deserved award! Loved reading your list of loves! xoxo L

  3. So sweet Kim...I love your 10-things!

  4. Congratulations Sweetie on such a sweet award! I am liking the new "Look" of the blog.Such pretty colors and designs.

  5. So cool Kim - I love to read about people I've met and it's great to see the things that knock your socks off! Way cool, girl! ;D

  6. You are so deserving of this award Kim! Your "new" blog background looks fantastic!!!


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