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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Do you Crush?

Have you heard of my Year End Event Give-A-Way???? Read all about HERE!!!!! Be sure to register! 
Do you Crush? This is my very first My Crush book! What is this book documenting? My first flight, of course. I have traveled all over the US from Northern Ohio all the way down I 95 to Florida....always by wheels and pavement. In my new job, I must fly at least twice a year....gasp! In May, I traveled with 3 other ladies from my program to Kansas City, MO by plane. Can we say LOVE!!!! I told hubby I will never drive when I can fly. His question, "What have you been so afraid of?"  This Crush is all about my new found love! 

Hurry and get these products as they will be leaving our line of fabulous supplies on August 30! 
Z1855 Modville My Crush
Z1887 Best Day Ever
 Z1886 Besties Assortment
B1431 Reel Life

Z1923 Smoothie Washi Tape
Don't let these fabulous supplies retire before you get your hands on them.....You can shop with me here! 
Happy Scrapping,


1 comment:

  1. I didn't know you didn't like flying!! This is a great set of pages from the crush book!!


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