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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Is Blooming....

Good Afternoon,
I do hope you are having a glorious day! The weather has been perfect this weekend and will be all week. Our temps are mid to upper 70's all through Saturday.
I spent the day working out in my yard yesterday and I'm on my way out to finish up. Oh how quickly the weeds grow! I wanted to share some photos of what is in bloom here in my beautiful mountains of Kentucky.
This beautiful white bloom is that of my primrose. This is the only white one I have, all the others are a deep red with the yellow centers.
This is my daddy's gorgeous and VERY delicious cherry tree. My little Jon-Christopher loves to climb up this tree to help us pick them. He eats as many as he picks!

This is the very beginnings of my daddy's apple blossoms. I'm sure with the week of warm sunshine we are expecting, they will be in full bloom by Friday.

This is one of the three peaches we sprayed yesterday. I can't wait until this summer when I walk up to the orchard, gather these ripe juicy peaches and make some cobblers and jam. Oh, so delicious!

These tulips are blooming in my Grans front yard. She LOVES tulips and so do I.
Have you ever seen such adorable little grape hyacinth ? I love them and this little garden stone is really old, you can tell by the fading of the paint, but it holds one of my favorite scriptures.
I'll be back tomorrow with a reveal for the Practical Scrappers new challenge this week and back to reading blogs. I hope you enjoy this beautiful day!


  1. What beautiful flowers sweetie! Oh spring is on its way. We are almost there. It is still a little cool here around 50. My flowers are popping up here and there.
    I love the new blog look ,very pretty!

  2. Oh what wonderful pics....your temps are much warmer than ours and you have so many more blooms on everything!!

    Oh I want to move to Kentucky!!!!

    Have a great end to the weekend!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! My fruit trees are also in bloom. Need to grab my camera and take some pictures! Don't your just love spring!!!

  4. Such beautiful flowers...we are still a wee bit behind in the blooming area! But it is getting warmer here in Michigan!

  5. Sigh, love the pictures today Kim. Thank you for your kind words too. Life has been pretty hectic lately, and just now am I able to actually slow down to smell the flowers!

  6. Kim, what beautiful blooms! My hubby is the yard person around. Have a great Sunday!

  7. What beautiful flowers you have my friend and don't you just love when the fruit trees are in bloom ... so pretty!! My 100+ yr old apple tree is just starting to leaf ... I hope to get a photo when it is in full bloom ... it's amazing!!
    My mouth is watering just thinking of homemade peach cobbler! Yummo ... let me know when it's ready ... I just might make the drive down! LOL!! Wouldn't that be fun!! Glad you're having such a wonderful weekend!

  8. Oh how lovely! We are much further behind in MN, and I am longing for flowers to get going. I am so glad you are sharing yours with all of us!

  9. Kim, I do adore flowers and this is just the perfect picture - thank you for sharing those lovely garden delights. I especially love the white primrose - WOW, look at that beauty. I love the cherry blossoms - we have them brightening the world here too and they are lovely. Oh, such a beautiful garden of delightful flowers! Beautiful! :D


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