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Monday, August 17, 2015

Zoe Poll...

I'm taking a poll. I have a Gathering on Saturday and I need to know which of the following is your favorite card?  All are showcasing our brand new Zoe. 
Zoe #1
Zoe #2
 Zoe #3
 Zoe #4
 Zoe #5
To vote, leave a comment with the card number in the comments below. Thanks for your thoughts! 
Happy Scrapping,


  1. Zoe 1 and Zoe 5. :) I know you said just one... but I like the ones with banners. Kinda of my thing right now. Hope that helps.

  2. They are all very pretty, but I love #1!

  3. I like #1 because it uses the current stamp of the month, but I like #3 best. That one shows off the beauty of the paper, plus a couple of gorgeous embellishments (my customers especially like the new coral and aqua shimmer trims), AND our fabulous new cartridge! Win, win!

  4. #4 I love 'em all..but the fourth one is beautiful. I love the doggie theme


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