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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Circle-of-Friends Award....

Blog Awards, YIPPEE!
I just checked my blog and I have received The Circle of Friends Award today! Penny at Scrappin Penny sent it to me. Her comments about my friendship was "I feel like she's in my circle of friends because she is always leaving me such nice comments and she encourages me in everything that I do." Penny, I am so very honored that you thought of me. I love your blog, your digi stamps, and enjoy supporting you in your fabby new venture! You're such a sweet and talented friend! You really must go check out her blog. She also has Creations By Penny, a new blog in which you can purchase her new digi stamps, as well as see all the fabulous cards she makes with her images!

Here are the rules:
Nominate 5 other bloggers you feel have become part of your circle of friends.
Link to your nominees within your blog post.
Include these instructions on how to pick up the award in your blog post.
Link back to the person who gave you the award in your blog post, to show your appreciation. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received the award . These ladies are among the most talented and serious scrappers and card makers I know, not to mention terrific bloggin' buddies!
Here are my nominations in no particular order:
My second friendship award came from sweet Lorraine! I'm one of her biggest fans! Lorraine, like Penny, is one of the most talented and creative ladies I know! She has a fabulous blog and you need to hop on over and see all of her wonderful and fabby creations. I'm very honored to be considered one of your friends.
Thanks Lorraine and Penny for all of your sweet comments on my blog every day! I am so thankful for my fabby bloggin' family! I didn't see rules posted for this one, so I am forwarding on to four fabby, friends that are among the most talentend and serious scrappers and card makers I know! Penny and Lorraine, right back at you ladies, your the best!
Here they are in no particular order:



  1. Aw thanks so much, right back at you!

  2. Awww Thanks so much KIM!!!! You are Such a sweet person!

  3. Thanks so much for thinking of me & for your kind comments!! You are definitely in my bloggin' circle of friends!! I always look forward to your sweet & thoughtful comments on my posts!! So, thank you for that!!

  4. Awww thanks sugar! :O) You're the bestest! I would totally nominate you for this award too! HUGS!!!

  5. I am so touched, I think I am speachless.How honored I am to receive this award.You are just such a southern sweetie,and I really look forward to your kind words on my blog.Sorry I have been MIA lately hoping to get back to crafting this week.Thank you again and this award goes right back to you with all my sincere gratitude!

  6. Kim thank you so much for the Award! You are so kind I will tackle this asap! BR-T


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