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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Design Team Call @ Practical Scrappers

Design Team Call

To apply to become a designer for Practical Scrappers:
1: Email Christine at with your message board name and a brief description about yourself.
2: Participate in one of our challenges before July 5th, it can be our normal challenge, the monthly bonus challenge or a sketch challenge
3: Read the DT Guidelines listed below
4: Add your blog to Mr. Linky (here)
========================================================================= Practical Scrappers Design Team Guidelines

1) Designers need to submit their weekly project by the due date listed on the calendar. It’s always on Friday. If you are going to be late - we need to know. If you cannot participate that week - no problem - but we need to know. If you have two unexcused absences (meaning you never bothered to let me know that you aren’t sending anything) you will immediately be removed from the design team. As long as they are posted to the Designers Gallery by the time I get up Saturday morning (or I know they are coming) I am a happy lady! I will not e-mail to remind you. If you publish a project early please schedule it to post on the due date so that the site does not get overrun.

2) All layouts must have a picture on them - in other words they must be complete.

3) Become a member of the Practical Scrappers forum and post to it regularly You will also be responsible for posting a Question of the Day, see the forum to get a feel for how that works!

4) Commenting on entries for our challenge is important - you will be assigned a number and you need to comment on all entries that end in that number. So if you are assigned number 1, you should comment on 1, 11, 21, 31, etc. This ensures that all entries are recognized by the PS team!

5) We have sketches posted every weekend - as a design team member you need to complete one sketch per month. These will be posted on the Designers Gallery Blog when they are available, allowing extra time to work ahead on them.

6) Please take your layouts out of albums/page protectors before you take your picture. Please also crop your layout pictures as much as possible. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to take another picture. We want our audience to be able to see your layout at it’s best!

7) All design team members are welcome to apply for a second term. Consideration for your second term will be based on both your project quality, uniqueness, and participation in the PS site as a whole. No more than five people will be chosen for a second term.

8) After completing two terms on PS we ask that you take one term off before reapplying. We do this in an effort to keep our ideas fresh. After one term off, you are welcome to reapply!

9) We ask that while you are on term for us you do not join more than two other design teams. We also ask that you e-mail us when you apply for other design teams to give us a heads up. This is to hopefully avoid a bunch of our design team members ending up on someone else's team.

10) All new design team members are on term from the beginning of August thru the end of October.

11) Please be active in promoting Practical Scrappers - we are working hard to make this a top website!

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